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Complex client services

NEKSTEN s.r.o. is specializing at providing of complex outsourced solutions for clients mostly from automotive industry. We are specialists in testing, analysis and mock-ups of materials and products based on customer specifications with support of own integrated solutions. In frame of our complex outsourced solutions we offer to our clients complex effective and efficient management coverage of chemicals and wastes which are part of productions processes.



System support

Complex, single-handed coverage of entrusted areas managed by experienced specialists. Added value for client is process optimizations gathered from similar activities run in client premises. Realization of cost saving activities improving productivity and efficiency of client production processes. Complex delivery of technologies and tools based on customer demand.
Our own integrated software solution is being used for management, realization, recording and reporting outcomes of particular activities. We offer complex services according requirements and expectations of our clients, overall time management accompanied with notifications and further communication with clients. We offer full electronic, printed and audiovisual documentation of our activities securely archived with data access in real time through web interface to all of our respective clients.










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